Wrought Iron, Steel, and Aluminum

Wrought Iron

Looking for an authentic look with a modern touch? Catawba Fence suppliers hand welds their fence panels to give our clients both timeless beauty and strength. Wrought Iron can take more abuse than any other fence material allowing for a durable long lasting fence. 


Our aluminum fences have the authentic look of wrought iron and the amazing properties of aluminum. Aluminum is a lightweight material, UV fade resistant and powder coated to protect it so the material does not rust and last longer. This extra protection allows for a low maintenance fence.


Our steel products are able to withstand daily wear and tear, as well as harsh weather conditions so it last longer.

Ornamental Aluminum Fence with Flush Top
Ornamental Aluminum Gate with Rainbow Arch
Ornamental Aluminum Fence with Spear Top 

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Catawba Fence is a fence company that specializes in fence installation, gate installation, handrails, and automated access controls for our clients in Charlotte and the surrounding areas at an affordable price. Our highly qualified team works quickly to secure your home, property and business.